College Students: How to Save More Money

Xerox, materials, transportation, food. Most college students suffer from the amount of expenses. So, the question that remains is: How to invest with all these expenses?

Below you will find six powerful tips that will make you start saving once and for all!

1 – Pass the fine comb on everything


Assemble a spreadsheet of expenses: fixed expenses (money and real estate) and your possessions. Nothing to put the roll with friends on this list !.

In the financial market, what you have of equity or possession, is called “active.” Already the expenses, is called “passive”. Subtract your liabilities from the assets and find out whether or not you’re in the red.


2 – Always be in blue


2 - Always be in blue

Talking is easy, but saving money is a difficult task. The first step is to get out of the red and start planning for the future.

After your analysis, find out what liabilities can be eliminated and start saving 5% of your salary. Each month, try to increase this percentage until you reach 30% of your income.


3 – Insist



It’s no use if you plan and simply do not cut unnecessary expenses. Face it as if your financial future depends on it (and it really depends!).

4 – Focus

Set realistic goals and overcome them! Nothing is better than stipulating and exceeding your goals.

To stay focused on your goals, you wager on reminders on your cell phone, wallet, or even motivational phrases scattered around your favorite places.

5 – Keep informed

 5 - Keep informed

Besides Frodo Baggins, other platforms that teach economics and finance are worth visiting. There are several sites, blog, channels on YouTube, podcasts (to listen on the way to the facul) and books on financial market.

If you like audiovisual content, take a look at the videos of Nathália Arcuri (Canal Me Poupe), Thiago Nigro (Canal Primo Rico) or Maiara Xavier (Canal A Rica Simplicidade).

6 – Spread the idea


Saving together is more efficient. When the incentive is shared, it becomes more enjoyable to invest. Then, pass the idea on to friends and people close to you.