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Which Is Better: Credit Or Debit?

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If you have ever doubted which payment method to do then you are also part of the club. As the physical money ended up losing space thanks to the cards, even by the evolution of the digital banks, like the NuBank, for example, the dispute was between credit or debit . Read also: Mastercard says […]

College Students: How to Save More Money

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Xerox, materials, transportation, food. Most college students suffer from the amount of expenses. So, the question that remains is: How to invest with all these expenses? Below you will find six powerful tips that will make you start saving once and for all! 1 – Pass the fine comb on everything   Assemble a spreadsheet […]

A Loan Like a Salary Advance

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Loan like a salary advance Instant readers without Retrofinance, as well as other loans without certificates are not always well-known. Rather many people, if they do not have to, they simply do not use them. But in the American financial market there was a completely new idea of ​​providing such quick loans. Startup Activehours, wants […]

Consequences of Non-repayment of the Loan

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Non-repayment of the Loan – Consequences No repayment of the loan is not without consequences and you can not expect that the loan company will not seek to recover your debts. Thus, there are more and more questions: what can a loan company do in relation to such a debtor? Usually, information about the consequences […]