A Loan Like a Salary Advance

Loan like a salary advance

Loan like a salary advance

Instant readers without Retrofinance, as well as other loans without certificates are not always well-known. Rather many people, if they do not have to, they simply do not use them. But in the American financial market there was a completely new idea of ​​providing such quick loans. Startup Activehours, wants to make the loan similar to an advance payment. http://dudubluelagoon.com has more details

Both Poles and Americans know perfectly well what the advance paid by the employer is before the payday. In the United States, this way of paying down advances is called Cash Advance.

In the United States, it works efficiently in companies where the employee is billed for each hour worked. In addition, there is an electronic system for recording hours worked. A customer who wants to take out a loan sends a special screen shot through a special application on a mobile device. On it all the hours worked until now are visible. In this way, the lender knows then what amount he can lend to his client, because it will not exceed the amount that must be paid by the employer. The customer receives a transfer on the same day.

As soon as the employee receives a payment, the lender “deducts” the previously paid loan.

And most importantly, lenders do not have a fixed interest rate. It is the client who determines how much he can pay. This is the so-called tip, which can be priced from 0 to 10 percent of the value of borrowed money.

Is it approved by a loan expert? Or maybe not. Sentences are different. Although the system seems to be refined in every detail, unfortunately, like any other loan, it carries with it certain dangers. Namely, people who like to spend money before they actually get it in the form of a payment may not control their home budget. In addition, the interest rate determined by the client still raises a lot of doubts. After all, it depends on their good will whether they pay any interest at all or set a better zero percent for themselves.

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